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It also eliminated the traditional experience point leveling system of the previous and later games in the series, instead introducing an activity-based progression system where the characters' statistics increase according to how they are used or acquired. Despite being a sequel to Final Fantasy , the game includes no characters or locations from the first game. Final Fantasy II received little attention at the time from non-Japanese reviewers, though its remakes have garnered favorable reviews.

Direct sequels: FF7 Compilation: FF12 Ivalice Alliance: Gaiden sub-series: End Layer.

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Legends sub-series: Fighting games: Rhythm games: The Complete Collection. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Jump to: Getting Started. Soul of Chaos. Anniversary Edition. Mobile Voice Fantasy Genre: Party game Release: All you have to do is let your voice be recorded.

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The game determines tendencies in the recorded voices and summons characters with various vocations, abilities, and personalities. Official Site.

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Arkanoid HD Genre: Use the intuitive slide controls-ideally suited to the iPhone-to guide your VAUS spaceship from side to side, deflecting the energy ball and destroying the space wall, brick-by-brick! Broken bricks release a wide variety of power-up items, each adding a unique spin to game play.

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Bubble Bobble Double Genre: Space Invaders HD Genre: Enjoy the game on iPad's big screen! Two Player mode featuring the classic tabletop arcade version where users can sit across from each other and blast the alien horde!

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  • Chocobo Panic Genre: The rules are simple: Just catch and hold the colorful chocobos moving around your screen until you are told to "Let go! In 2 Player Versus mode, you take turns catching chocobos on a single iPad until one of you makes a mistake.

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    Whether playing by yourself or with a group of friends gathered around your iPad, this game is sure to be the life of the party. Chaos Rings Genre: RPG Release: The Agent tells them that they must fight to the death in a tournament called the Ark Arena. Should they refuse, they will be killed.

    There is no escape. Thus, each couple, without knowing where they are or why they must fight, are swept away into a battle for their lives. The sole reward for the victors?

    The promise of eternal life Mikado Defenders Genre: Morita Shogi HD Genre: Board Game Release: Optimized especially for the iPad, Morita Shogi HD builds on the finest qualities of the iPhone edition, boasting lush high-resolution graphics and a faster, evolved game engine.