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For more information about signing, see the Section "Signing". A fundamental concept in platsec is 'capability' which is the term used for what the running process can do in the device - process is the basic insulation granularity in platsec and capabilities are forced during runtime. A capability must be held by the executable binary if the process needs to access some restricted resource.

What a Python standalone application can do will be limited by the capabilities assigned to the interpreter DLL - these capabilities are listed in Section 5. In other words, this is the upper bound for any Python application which uses the Nokia signed PyS60 distribution. There is of course the possibility to sign the Python interpreter DLL for special purposes with larger capabilities if needed but this discussion is left out from this document. As the Python application seen from the device main menu, aka the script shell, is also a Python application which is available with different capability set.

The script shell should not enable the running of scripts with large capabilities and thus it is not signed by Nokia with the same capabilities as the interpreter DLL. This should not cause problems for development - a developer can sign the script shell application with developer certificate hereafter devcert.

Due to separate signing needs for the interpreter DLL and the script shell application, there is a need for separate packages 'X' indicates version number:. SIS - Python rutime which contains the interpreter DLL, all the Nokia provided native Python extensions, frequently used standard Python modules and other needed files.

A developer should keep in mind that the script shell is just a Python script, similar to the one you package with the ensymble tool and subject to the same security preconditions as described earlier in this document. The interpreter DLL is the one used by all the standalone Python applications and the entity that needs to be signed with a large set of capabilities to ensure that individual Python applications can access the controlled resources as freely as possible.

PyS60 Installation / Resources

Notice that the script shell Python application visible in the device main menu has nothing to do with other standalone Python applications ie. In the above diagram, the 'python For the 'foobar. The capabilities needed for the APIs are outlined in Section 3.

PyS60:Python Symbian Development 8:GUI:Application Focus (English Version)

For more information, please see the platsec material provided by Symbian and Nokia, e. For more information, please refer to: Useful information especially about the platform warnings can be found from the emulator log file, located usually under directory:. For example, the following warning message would be emitted to the log file if a script tries to delete a file "traceback. FileServer, was checked by Thread EFile.

Main and was found to be missing the capabilities: Additional diagnostic message: Type "commands" to see the commands available in this simple line editor. File "", line 1, in? The first file open fails since location c: The second file open succeeds as this location is not controlled by platsec - this location is also the folder for scripts seen in the script shell application.

Notice also that the platform security constraints can be handled at Python level with e. For executing the scripts in an actual S60 3rdEd or later device there exists numerous alternatives for signing and distribution e. Signing the Python script shell application with the above 1 and installing the individual scripts with separate packages which need to be signed as well.

By following the first alternative, a developer can sign applications with devcerts prior the official Symbian signing and test the application in production devices with almost full capabilities. Again, applications you are planning to distribute for 3rdEd handsets need to be signed since the platform security restrictions are taken into use in the target handsets.

For obtaining devcerts, see:.

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For the second alternative, self-signing, please see the 3rdEd SDK documentation for more information:. Bluetooth beamed to the device. Here is an example ". For more information about UIDs, please see:.

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