Why does my iphone location wrong

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How to Fix Location Services on iPhone

Was it AppleCare or another rep that you spoke with? Yes, you need to opt in to this feature to update locations for your local WiFi conditions. Also, you might be able to defeat the location by changing the SSID - but my guess is Apple is mapping the base station's MAC address and not the SSID - but doing the steps above will be sure you are reporting the data back. It also ensures that for at least one instance the correct location is sent in. I don't know how long a fix takes, but my guess is several days at the soonest.

Those settings were already on for me. I just cleared the list of "frequent locations" to force it to rebuild that list. No change so far, but I will give it a few days. I forgot to add one step. Opting out of the service actually clears the bad data. I'll edit the post. I seem to recall some open letter explaining that when you turn off location services, that sends a signal to Apple's server to delete the anonymized location data for your device. I can't find that in writing at the moment, but have reset this on other devices with the procedure I posted.

I'ved tried this procedure several times and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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With wifi off the phone has the right location after a minute or so for GPS to find a signal , but as soon as I switch wifi back on it jumps to our old address. We have two iPhones in our household and both do the same thing, even now a week later.

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Any other thoughts? I contacted Apple and it seems the only sure solution is just to wait until Apple removes stale records from their DB. See my own answer. Thanks for your help!

How does Find My iPhone know where an iPhone is

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Find my Iphone ever wrong? Thread starter Gh0ster Start date Oct 17, Gh0ster Member Oct 17, Joined Oct 19, Messages So here's the thing. Wifey told me yesterday she was going to be working late. After her being very late, and me trying to call her twice without her answering, I was starting to worry, then I clicked, wait, she has an Iphone, let me try to use find my iphone to track it now cause im worried.

It tracked her phone, but it was showing she was somewhere else, bout 15km away from her work Now heres my thing, can it ever be wrong? Before I start questioning her and getting myself into trouble Thanks guys. Cool E Expert Member Oct 17, Joined Feb 23, Messages 4, Ecco Executive Member Oct 17, Joined Jun 4, Messages 7, This could go pear shaped.

How accurate is the Find My iPhone app really?

Either trust your wife or carry on digging. On the topic though, I think the iPhone could be wrong. Depends on satellite signal strength etc.

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Cool E said: Joined Jun 4, Messages 27, It can be wrong, sure, but what are the chances of it being 15km off course? What the chances of your wife having to work really late? And what are the chances of her not answering either of your 2 attempts to get hold of her?

Last edited: Oct 17, Joined Feb 13, Messages 7, That's been my thoughts guys I don't know what to think at the moment to be honest. Joined Feb 3, Messages 18, Ecco said: Joker Expert Member Oct 17, Joined Aug 10, Messages 1, Where did her iphone say she was, at a restaurant, a house? Datura Captain Faptastic Staff member. Joined Oct 12, Messages 45, It's accurate to within a km.