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Cell's strength progresses over the course of his self-titled story arc; at the beginning of the arc, in his Imperfect state, he is outmatched by Piccolo [59] and is too weak to absorb the Androids. However, after he absorbs thousands of humans using his tail, his power grows to the point that he is easily able to best Piccolo and Android 17 [8] , absorbing the latter to progress into his next form, which quickly dispatches Android 16 [9] , an opponent equal in power to his previous state.

This power is in turn eclipsed by his final, Perfect form.

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In this state, Cell easily toys with and defeats Vegeta [12] , who had similarly overpowered his Semi-Perfect form [10] , without even approaching anything near his full power. At full power, Cell is far stronger than even Goku and Gohan [60] after the year they spent in the Room of Spirit and Time, with only Super Saiyan 2 Gohan proving capable of defeating him. After nearly being killed by his own self-destruction, Cell's Saiyan biology greatly boosts his power once more [19] , allowing him to break Gohan's arm with a single blast and match his final Kamehameha with his own.

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In this form, he compares his power to that of a Super Saiyan 2 and claims to have enough power to destroy the Solar System [21]. They have a portion of Cell's power, as they were able to overwhelm most of the Z Fighters, as Cell would [62] , but had trouble with Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks. In , fans of the series voted Cell the fourteenth most popular character for a poll in the book Dragon Ball Forever [63]. In , Jacob Yothment ranked Cell No.

In , Cell was ranked No. Michael Zupan assessed Cell as the Dragon Ball villain with the most buildup, writing, "The Z Fighters throw everything they have at this character, and just when you think he's beat Steiff and T. Tamplin used Cell as an example of the concept of "leveling up" in anime and believed Cell follows this concept well [70]. The concept of the Cell Games and its execution were criticized. Smith of IGN criticized Cell's decision to hold a fighting tournament instead of destroying Earth as a sign of the author having run out of ideas [71].

Reviewer Josh Begley had disapproval toward the tournament as he believed it would feature "endless fighting and no real plot progression. The meme shows a modified version of Cell's face with blackface mouth and eyes suddenly and frequently without warning shooting a powerful stream of laser. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fictional supervillain in the Dragon Ball franchise. Cell's three forms as seen in the anime; Imperfect left , Semi-Perfect right and Perfect middle. Dragon Ball portal Fictional characters portal. Media Arts Database in Japanese.

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Agency for Cultural Affairs. Retrieved March 21, Story Guide. October 31, Last Piccolo? Dragon Ball Z. Episode July 1, October 18, Dragon Ball Super.

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Episode 1. July 5, July 17, January 22, Krillin's Fighting Spirit Returns! January 29, Dragon Ball GT. April 23, April 30, Anime News Network. Retrieved Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Bandai Namco Entertainment. Oh, I'm sorry!

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Are you scared at my return? Did you bring your friend along for the ride? Is he from the past, too?

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  5. I'm warning you, interfere and I'll exterminate you. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. So it would seem this stranger is my ally. You know, to be honest, I didn't think there were any more left alive Android You gotta be kidding me! If Cell absorbs 17 in this state, he'll grown terrifyingly strong!

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    Ha ha ha Very well. Allow me to welcome you to the Cell Games. Skip to Content. Dragon Ball GT — Transformation.

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    Hopefully, sometime later this year, Bandai will allow their latest Dragonball title. Dragonball GT to hit the States. There are One- and Two-player Modes that allow selection of any of the 12 popular Dragonball characters such as Vegita. Piccolc and Son Goku. Dragonball GT features multiple levels of flying combat as well as on-the-ground warfare. Players who had the chance to try other Dragonball titles such as the three for Super Famicom will remember the charging and highly devastating moves that destroyed your opponent's power bar.