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Go to 'Advanced' Tab in iliberty and then to 'Payload available on repo' tab and from there select download for Bootneuter, BSD Subsystem and download them. After this update select Bootneuter icon in your iphone and retain what is already selected and also switch on Fakeblank and run Bootneuter. It will take sometime for Bootneuter to fakeblank. Please wait patiently, it will get over even if it takes about 5 minutes.

After the process is over, 4. Thats it your wifi and bluetooth should be fixed now If your phones wifi is not switching on with no Bluetooth Signal, Then in iliberty, 1. Remember whenever you are upgrading your firmware, use the right version of itumes. For upgrade to firmware 3. Wheneever you need to change itunes version on your PC, perform a clean uninstall using the method mentioned earlier. Cheers and good luck. There is no viable solution for wifi greyout with jailbroken iPhones withot fakeblanking which is only possible by downgrading firmware to 1.

G Kannan - does this work for 3gs also? I have the same problem: Also I have to say that i bought the phone blocked. It was blocked on emergency calls and i managed to make it boot and start normaly. But everytime when tried to upgrade the firmware from itunes i got a 23 error message. Does your tutorial work for my case? Thank you in advance. Kodiena, yes it will. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. If you want snapshots, I can email it to you. Good luck Kannan. G Kannan - thank you for your answer.

I gave it a try. The problem is Itunes 7 doesnt see my 3gs and I am unable to go forward that step.. Another problem now, I used Spirit to see if something will change and now my phone keeps restarting over and over.

To manny problems, im loosing my mind! Dera Kodiena, did you use the method I mentioned to install iTunes. By the way did windows recognize the iPhone, if so then it is only a iTunes installation issue. If iTunes still refuses to read the phone, put it in DFU mode. Every step I have given above is critical. Follow it exactly and I am sure you will have a fully working phone. A reader confirmed it worked on 3g, so 3gs should not be an issue. You might lose some functionality of 3gs when you are in 1. I suggest you remain at 3. Since you mention iPhone is going on rebooting, try putting it in dfu mode after you reinstall iTunes 6 by the method I have mentioned.

Good luck. Dear Kodeina, Sorry for the error in my above comment. Read iTunes 6 as iTunes 7. Originally Posted by G Kannan.

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G Kannan - being itunes 7. I spent quite sometime now about the firmware lock for 3g and 3gs phones. U are correct in saying that 3G and 3gs phones are locked at higher basebands and cannot be downgraded to 1. I recd a message from an iphone 3g user saying it worked for him. I have asked him to post the details. Let me reiterate that since i don't have 3g or 3gs to check, I can only ask the members to try and thank you for the clarifications.

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Regarding 2G users this is the only method for wifi loss. Outdated or otherwise, this is the only solution. Though this can be rectified on 3g, with 3gs I guess it is not possible. Try restoring your firmware to 3 and try unlocking using redsn0w. You may not recover wifi but probably you may be able to use your phone. G Kannan - im pretty sure i have a dead phone now. I bought it kinda cheap, euros, when in my country a 32g 3gs is sold with euros. Before buying I saw it has no imei and sn but after googling a bit i saw im not the one having this problem and it can be fixed. Now I found that my phone might be stolen and blocked by a provider so it is useless.

I dont know what to do. I cant even start the phone at the moment. Now when im trying to start it the apple logo shows and when it should boot the os after seconds it gets shutted down. But im starting to be offtopic. I dont think any lower firmware then 3. Like I said, most people can figure out it won't work for a 2G, but there are some people who'd try it. Kinda like everyone who upgraded to 3. If so, and you have nothing to lose, try upgrading to 3.

If it does it successfully, then you have a locked working iPhone that you can test with a offical carrier sim. I dont know what else I should try. I called my apple store from my country and with no worries they told me to wait until the unlock appears on june. I dont know what to think anymore.. Well if it's on emergency screen u should be able to jailbreak. And u never know it could just be a fake iPhone Kirf style lol but good luck.

Because, to flash the baseband and to work proprely in case is corupted you need to erase it first. I sold the phone because i was not in the mood to wait till the unlock comes. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations.

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Answers that don't include explanations may be removed. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It happened when I am tried to update the from iOS 4. For the sake of sanity - let's assume this question is about a normal "locked" phone that expects a specific carrier's SIM to be installed and the OP is using a SIM from that carrier.

Let's also assume it doesn't show in iTunes and can't have apps installed and is completely stuck at the emergency screen. Keep in mind this could be unrelated to the update and just a hardware failure, which still can be as simple as pushing the SIM Recipient hard enough to the bottom or a broken SIM Reader really complicated to replace. Both happened to me in different iPhones. This is actually a pretty complicated problem with not enough detail to know which one of many things is causing the failure so I'll go over some basics: Your phone needs to be activated through iTunes after a restore - so something in that restore process didn't work.

The sim and phone have three components - any of which can fail. The activation process is complicated and has a lot of checks to be sure the image you are installing is not modified so that the phone will work as designed. This activation needs to connect to the internet so even when everything under your control is correct, it still fails from time to time.

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Problems on your computer with iTunes or the system itself can cause this to happen on an otherwise working phone. Your carrier has to do this for Free after 1 year. Since it's a 3GS I would recommend the free method first. Abigail Terry Abigail Terry 1. How does this help? Note that RedSnow is a jailbreaking program and so not supported by Apple. Answers on Ask Different need to be more than just a link. It's okay to include a link, but please summarize or excerpt it in the answer. The idea is to make the answer stand alone.

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