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Choose the iPhone or iPad in the iTunes siderbar and click the tab of " Summary ". Step 3: Click the " Check for Update ", then click " Restore " button. If you're asked for a passcod, that means the backup was encrypted. You should input the right backup password to restore the device. If you forgot the password, iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery is the right tool to recover the backup password. But you try " Erase From Recovery Mode " below instead.

Just click Restore button to restore your device to factory default settings. If it takes more than 15 minutes to finish the while process, then you will get a new iPhone or iPad device without password. If you even synced your iPhone with iTunes, then you can recover iPhone screen passcode by restoring it from iTunes Backup.

Unlock iPhone Passcode when Forgot iPhone Screen Lock Passcode

The reason why not being recommended in above section is that the new data will be permanently deleted after restore. Additional suggestion: Forgot Android or Windows password? Please visit Androidphonesoft website for more details. He is curious about new things and is always on the lookout for new Apps and Gadgets.

Recover Data from iPhone without Backup. Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung. Forgot iPhone Screen Lock Passcode? Unlock it Now!

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Part 1: The program is must-have because it gives you the precious password back without making you restore your iDevice and losing all the information you had. There is one drawback in this method. Gecko app works on Windows PC with Java and. NET Framework installed only, so Mac owners are out of luck. As to iOS 6. Step 1. Go here to download your version of Gecko iPhone Toolkit. There are alternative sources from where you can get the program. They are MediaFire and HotFile. Step 2. This can come in handy if you forget your passcode and have everything backed up on your iTunes.

So, if you get a message like this when connecting the device to iTunes You'll need to restore your iPhone back to factory settings:. This will take off the passcode, but will delete everything on the phone. After that, just make sure to log in with your Apple ID and password, then everything that's been backed up will be restored automatically. It's tough to protect yourself from a hard reset, especially if your phone is stolen.

What you can do is to make sure that Find My iPhone is turned on. That way you cannot only track where the iPhone is, but also remotely delete all the information on it. On the bright side, your data is safe regardless, because if a thief uses this method, they won't be able to log back in with your Apple ID unless they know the email address and password. This means that none of your personal files, such as contacts, messages, and photos, will be available to them. An anonymous hacker by the name of AquaXetine found an exploit in Apple's iCloud system that lets anyone unlock a lost or stolen iPhone running iOS 7 or above, and Apple has yet to fix it.

This hack, available at the doulCi website iCloud almost spelled backwards , appears to change your DNS for the connection to iCloud so their server can intercept the Activation Lock request, and then responds with the proper message to unlock the device. So far, the hackers claim that over 15, devices have been unlocked using this technique. Updating your phone's firmware is the easiest way to protect yourself from doulCi.

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The hack only works on iOS 8 or lower, so if you've accepted an update in the past two years, you're already protected from this lock screen bypass method. To double-check, head to the General menu in Settings, then tap "About" and look for the iOS version number — if it's higher than 8, you're good to go.

You can unlock an older iPhone using redsn0w , which also jailbreaks the device without deleting anything. This article has a video that shows how to install redsn0w on any iPhone still using iOS 5, while this one will show you how to do it on iOS 6 devices. It bypasses the code and doesn't delete any of the information stored on the iPhone.

This could potentially also work with the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 devices, as well. You can also use a program called Gecko iPhone Kit for iOS 5 , which can be downloaded here , but most devices are using at least iOS 6 by now. This will actually give you the code and doesn't jailbreak or delete anything from the iPhone.

Best Way to Reset Passcode on iPhone without Restoring

Below is a video tutorial of this process. The fix for this one is simple: Update your damn phone! If you're still running iOS 6, it's time to move on. Updates are great for adding functionality to your phone, but the most important factor is security. Mobile is a relatively new industry, so mobile operating systems still have plenty of security holes that can be exploited. But Apple has a great track record when it comes to patching security holes quickly, so make a habit of tapping that "Update" button as soon as it pops up.

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As it stands, these are the only methods we know of for bypassing the lock screen on an iPhone. How about you? Have you found another way to gain access to the lock screen on your iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below. Another more obvious way to protect yourself from someone knowing your passcode I don't know how many times I've unlocked my phone with someone else staring right at my phone.

I should be more careful!!! Ok now dont put a pass code on and you can make one by putting the device in lost mode with find my iPhone I do it to get my brothers off of it when I want it back you can also leave an unpleasant message to the theif. Can't a thief just hard-reboot the handset?

Forgot iPhone Screen Lock Passcode? Unlock it Now !

I know that they can with android sets by simply holding down the volume button to access the boot menu. There is no accessible boot menu for iPhones. Holding down the Power and Home button will hard reset the device and that's it.