Human anatomy and physiology android apps

Anatomy 3D: Essential Anatomy 3, the best-selling human anatomy app, has a highly-detailed 3D anatomical model with outstanding quality graphics. Includes essential anatomy for 10 system, and includes the brain and heart. It contains over anatomical structures, multiple search options, quizzes, and more. The views and opinions of the authors expressed in these external websites do not necessarily state or reflect those of Palmer College of Chiropractic, nor does their inclusion represent endorsement by Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Toggle navigation. Search this Guide Search. Medical Apps for Mobile Devices: Anatomy and Physiology. You will be able to see all the muscles and the bones in full of 3D with rotation, zoom, and pan.

Android Apps to Learn Human Anatomy

By selecting a single muscle or a bone, you can see its name in Latin, and also to read more detailed information in English. The app allows you to change the skin of the skeleton, adding transparency or her normal state, as well as to divide the skeleton into parts. On one of the halves, the real form of the human body will be available, and on the other — a skeleton or muscles. The app contains all the bones, superficial muscles, and most deep muscles. You can hide individual bones and muscles so they will not interfere from reviewing of the deeper muscles.

It is the most popular medical app in more than 95 countries around the world. A full-featured autonomous application contains an interactive three-dimensional skeleton of the person. It is able to download and install Essential Skeleton absolutely free.

Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

The aim of the program is to show innovative developers of 3D-technology and innovative design of the new series of mobile health programs based on the graphics engine 3D4Medical. The app has an elementary management and an understandable interface.

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Each bone can be carefully examined from all sides. Components of a three-dimensional skeleton have a detailed description of the English-language and they are provided with Latin nomenclature. Explore the human body in conjunction with this application. It is absolutely free. Explore every organ and bone of your body. To test your knowledge there is the quiz in the program. Rotate the model and change its size, virtually bisecting the investigated part of the body, turn on or off certain system of the body to its better studying.

In order to remember the names of all the complex, the program has an audio pronunciation of bones and organs. Here you will find all the features of the skeleton structure, ligaments, muscles, organs, respiratory system, body, circulation, nervous system, reproductive and urinary systems.

Examine the skeleton and muscle anatomy of the human with this best guide. And an interactive touch interface will help you in this question. You will learn all about the structure and composition of the skeleton, of the muscle structure.

10 Android Apps to Learn Human Anatomy

The study will take it easy and fun! This is an excellent reference book on anatomy. This application is a good helper for students, teachers, and just for people who want to learn more about the structure of the organism. In the program, you will find over articles on various aspects of anatomy. Handbook is based on clinical knowledge, starting with the basics of anatomy and ending with the practice of medicine.

There is a huge gallery of high-definition images. To test the knowledge, pass the tests of more than questions. The daily updates provide the latest information about the human anatomy. Because you want to live a healthy life.

12 Best Anatomy apps for Android & IOS | Free apps for android, IOS, Windows and Mac

Understanding your body will help you make better and informed decisions at times when you are not sure what to do. If you are a medical student then having an anatomy app on your mobile is even more important. All the information you need on human anatomy can be accessed using apps on the Android smartphone. While medical books have illustrations, apps can offer 3D models and much more in the palm of your hands. Teach Me Anatomy offers a detailed overview of the human body structure with over in-depth articles for your perusal.

There are colorful images and illustrations of internal organs with markings. Select a region of your body to dig deeper into its anatomy like head, neck, back, abdomen, limbs, and so on. You can save articles and anatomy of body parts as favorites for quick access. If you are preparing for a test, there is a quiz section with over multiple choice questions to help you get ready for the big day.

Teach Me Anatomy Link: Also Read: As the name suggests, this anatomy app will let you learn more about the human body using 3D images and illustrations. The app is not available offline and for good reason.

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  • It can easily consume up to 1GB of space which is why it remains online. If you are a visual learner who appreciates attention to detail, Anatomy Learning 3D will make you feel at home. Note that it will take some getting used to before you get the hang of it. Comes with some learning curve and still in development.

    Free Anatomy & Physiology Apps

    Anatomy Learning 3D is a free app that comes with some in-app purchases which are not necessary though. Anatomy Learning — 3D Atlas Link: Another human anatomy that comes with amazing graphics and detailed illustrations.

    Top 10 Medical Apps

    Essential Anatomy 3 amazing replication of the human body in 3D. The 3D models, you will find, are detailed and you can rotate the models in degree view to peek inside. Like you remove muscles to see veins and then the rest to see the skeleton and organs. Essential Anatomy 3 Link: Visual Anatomy is a free human anatomy app that is ad-supported but comes with a lot of features including 3D designs of complex human parts. You navigate through the human body and use your fingers to zoom and rotate images.

    Medical Apps for Mobile Devices: Anatomy and Physiology

    There is a handy feature called audio pronunciation which will help you understand how particular words are spoken in the medical terminology. They can be pretty hard to speak. Visual Anatomy comes with a built-in dictionary and offline mode. There is also a quiz section to refresh your memory.