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Street Skater 3d is all about skating your way through town. Games Freeware PES comes with a whole host of new and improved features, celebrate its 20th anniversary with t. Games Freeware Oke digame ini ada 4 divis, yaitu: Games Freeware Cricket is a real fun for cricket fans. In this game you have to chase target score to win.

RealSteel Java Version: Games Freeware RealSteel.


Top Downloads. WWE Cricket T20 Championship Free. Real Football 3d. Chota Bheem Cricket. T20 World Cup Cricket 3D. Ultimate Cricket Cricket T20 Fever Lite. Cricket T20 Fever. WWE Wrestlemania. Ya , does lag but is smooth. It's a shame that Nokia don't want to make Android phones Agree with you raymond.

Will that be android???? This is the low end version of the Nokia N Overhyped while failing to deliver.

Availability Maps for Asha 305, 306 and 311 . Pricing, Shipment dates, Free 40 EA Games.

I'm sorry but I think that this asha is more powerful than most low end android phones. It can handle many applications easily where low end androids are usually choking or don't even work. The target is completely different and I would like to buy this one than cheap-o samsung with strange res, quirky cpu and dull, egg-like design.

Not without proper freeze multitasking it won't, not a chance. For now I'll remain neutral about the voting thingy. Free and Free ads: D For all Nokia Phone http: Nokia asha is not a wll phone please don't buy it it's harsh u mant typs problem in this phone. Useless phone! Please don't buy this.. Now it has gone again.

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I'm gonna to throw this away. Want to comment? Please login or register. PhoneArena Search. Login Register. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon.

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Log in using your SkyDrive account details, and then click the options you want to copy: Contacts, Calendar, Photos. When you first set the Lumia up, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to back up your Asha details. From here you can opt to restore your device, picking your backup and then downloading it to your handset. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions. Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists.

This makes it easy to access the music you want, no matter how many different albums you have stored on the phone. This gives you access to all the music on your handset, in one place, with hours of playback on offer if you have enough tracks. Artists does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you access to your favourite singers and bands. You can play all tracks from an individual artist or group, or click through and play an individual album. Favourite, Shuffle, Repeat and Share. Playlists is a key inclusion for dedicated music fans, making it possible to organise music more effectively.

Playlists is split into a number of different options: Favourites, Most Played, Recently added and Recently played. You can also create your own custom playlists. From now on, your custom playlist will appear on the playlist screen. Once a song is playing, you can also click the home button without the track stopping. It appears at the top of Fastlane, so you can pause, play or open the music player again to pick another track.

These features added together make the Nokia Asha a force to be reckoned with when it comes to music playback — especially when you take the outstanding battery life into account. Giovanni explains: It allows us to work where our members work. LinkedIn for Asha smartphones is not just about existing members though, but also about attracting new members to the site. With the same key features making it easy for professionals in the west to network, LinkedIn for Asha, including the brand-new Nokia Asha , could revolutionise professional networking for millions more people.

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Put your songs into album folders and make sure everything is named clearly — then it will be a lot easier to find them when the tracks are on your phone. Note that the music files must be unprotected, not covered by any DRM digital rights management protection. Plug in the USB cable, and select Mass storage on the screen of your phone. When you plug in your phone, the Nokia Suite will also start up automatically. When you select Mass storage though, it effectively turns your Nokia Asha into a large USB memory device, letting you drag and drop files.

There should already be a Music folder in place, and all you need to do is pick the music you want on your Asha, and drop it into the Music folder. Open it, find the Music folder, and again drag and drop. The app itself looks great, split into two colourful columns and 10 different options: Athletes offers a comprehensive profile of everybody involved in the world of Red Bull — from extreme skaters, to F1 aerodynamics guru Adrian Newey.

The World of Red Bull app is also a great resource when it comes to entertainment, with the included videos proving insightful, interesting, in-depth and well worth a watch. Culture is another stand-out feature in World of Red Bull, offering movie clips and information on: My Red Bull lets you take advantage of saved content: World of Red Bull is a must for sports fans with a Nokia Asha When it comes to changing sounds on the Nokia Asha , ringtones are the first that spring to mind.

Then pick the ringtone. You can buy different-coloured shells for the phone, and the vibrant colours let you express your personality. Simply clip off the shell, and replace it when you want a change of colour. Pick the one you like best, and enjoy standing out from the crowd.

There are loads of different options available when it comes to customising sounds on the Nokia Asha Along with the ringtones, you can change: Message tone, Email tone, Alarm tone, Reminder tone and Push notifications tone. All this can result in a phone that really is about you, and helping you stand out from the crowd. The Nokia Asha is available in a host of particularly bright colours: Although the choice will sound familiar to Nokia Lumia owners, some of the shades are all new — such as the incredibly bright red. So what colour came out on top?

The brighter the better in this case, with red taking the top honours and just over 23 per cent of your votes.

Just under 16 per cent have decided that the ever cool black is the way to go, with bright yellow and green tied in fourth place. Leave a comment below and let us know. CNN is one of the best apps currently available for the Asha , proving easy to navigate, comprehensive when it comes to all things news, and free to download. The app provides a range of different sized photograph along with short headlines. Pocket Lights Lite. You never know when you may get caught out in the dark, needing a torch to find your keys or just to shed a little light on something.

Click the torch button, and it turns the screen on your Nokia Asha bright white, lighting up the way. You can also change the screen to other colours, lighting up the darkness in subtly different hues. The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is a brilliantly simple app. It uses your network connection to figure out where you are in the world, and then it lets you know what the weather is like.

Temperature, sun, rain, wind speed — the lot. Sign In. The app contains links to several big social networking sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Translate, Yahoo! The design of the Nokia Asha helps to differentiate it from anything else currently available. It features an industrial design with minimalist styling, and the bright, particularly vivid colours make it an eye-catcher wherever you go. But which one is your favourite? Let us know what you think in the comments too. Have you got the Nokia Asha on your wish-list, and what colour will you be buying?

Will you be going for one of the incredibly bright shells, or something a little more conservative? Pocket Power points allow you to unlock rewards. The more points you have the more rewards you can get. These include exclusive content, access to special offers and perhaps more excitingly the opportunity to trial the next Nokia Asha device. Happily earning Pocket Power points is a lot of fun.

By taking part in challenges, competitions and activations, you can get them in loads of different ways. Sharing and submitting content, getting high scores in competitions, and even buying an Asha and recommending it to your friends all wrack up the points. Our aim is make the make the Pocket Power Hub as entertaining and engaging as possible, so you can expects tons of different challenges.

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Power Compare, for example, will ask you to choose the best between two different uploaded photos.