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Anywhere important, anyway. Google contributed its Android operating system, with seamless access to YouTube, Google Talk, and other Google services. The worldwide developer community has created hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play Store with more coming every day.

Put it all together, and you can do just about anything. You can get turn-by-turn directions, check weather and traffic, and identify landmarks. You can work with word processing and spreadsheet files and manage your email and calendar. You can take pictures and share them on Facebook, or shoot videos and upload them to YouTube. You can even turn the Galaxy S4 into a WiFi hotspot for getting up to five computers online. But the Mini is still packed with power—more than many other phones that call themselves full sized. The software on the Galaxy S4 Mini is the same as the software on the big-brother version, so you can use this book to learn about the Mini as well.

Its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a very popular and powerful smartphone. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 is nothing short of remarkable. It introduces countless new features, all of which are useful, and some of which seem more akin to magic than anything else. Here are some of the highlights:. Group play. Using this, a group of people can view and interact with music, pictures, games, and more simultaneously.

That means playing games against one another, listening to music together, sharing pictures and more. Smart Scroll. Using this amazing new feature, you can scroll through web pages and other screens just by moving your eyes. Air Gestures. This feature was introduced in an earlier Galaxy model, but the S4 brings it to a whole new level.

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Move your hands to browse the Web, scroll through email, and do plenty more as well. S Beam. Beam me up, Scotty! This lets you share files by beaming them directly between your S4 and another device. Find out about it on S Beam. Easy Mode. Turn on Easy Mode, which makes using the S4 much easier, including big, easy-to-read icons. Dual Shot and Drama Shot.

We’re live at Samsung’s Galaxy S10 event!

In Dual Shot, you combine pictures or video from the front camera with pictures or video from the back camera in one frame. With Drama Shot, you take photos of a series of a subject moving, and then combine them into one photo, so you can perform the action. S Health. Want to get healthier? Use S Health. S Travel. Find out everything you want to know about travel destinations, book travel, and so on. New sensors. The S4 bristles with sensors that do things such as track the humidity, air pressure, and temperature.

Install and use apps from Google Play - Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Despite the improvement in imaging quality, the camera UI still suffers from some quirks; the main culprit being the cropped viewfinder, which makes it impossible to frame shots properly regardless of the aspect ratio selected in the settings. It's particularly annoying here because of the sensor's 4: Strangely, the front-facing shooter lacks an HDR mode and the focus reticle only appears when using touch-to-focus or tapping the on-screen shutter button it normally pops up automatically when the content of the viewfinder changes measurably.

The updated camera app now draws the settings menu in an arc instead of a circle, making it easier to operate with one hand. That's all right -- you'll have a blast using Google's cool Photo Sphere instead. There's no carrier or manufacturer contamination to worry about here, just a simple, clean and fast user experience devoid of the plethora of mostly useless S-branded features -- it's truly a breath of fresh air.

Best of all, everything still works, including the infrared transmitter.

Of course, it's important to note that Google Play edition phones will be receiving updates from their respective manufacturers instead of getting them directly from Google, like Nexus devices do. Another difference is how the three physical keys are mapped to replace stock Android's three on-screen buttons.

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With a capacitive menu key, but no dedicated recent apps button, the Galaxy S 4's key layout was changed to give the home button extra functionality: That's quite different from the way TouchWiz behaves, and took some getting used to. There's absolutely no doubt that the Galaxy S 4 is a better handset with stock Android -- a powerhouse unleashed by superior software. While you give up some functionality especially with the camera , you gain storage space 12GB free instead of 7GB on the skinned versions , a much-improved user experience and the satisfaction that you're taking part in something uniquely Google.

That really depends on your priorities.

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If you want the absolute best specs and can muster the cheap looks, choose this Galaxy S 4. If Google Wallet is essential, but your funds are limited, pick the Nexus 4. We're pretty sure the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition is the most rewarding Android device we've ever used -- we'll just have to get over that uninspired design.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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